Thursday, March 3, 2016

Welcome message from Vice Chancellor Spaulding

Kansas health care providers, colleagues and friends,
We are excited to share this inaugural edition of KU Medical Center’s Communities blog and newsletter with you. It is the first KU Medical Center publication dedicated to community health news and information across the entire state of Kansas.

As U.S. and Kansas health care continue to rapidly evolve, we believe that strong communication and partnerships are critical to addressing Kansans’ health care needs. Communities is one tool for achieving those goals by connecting communities to each other and to the university.

KU Medical Center offers many programs, services and events across the state through the Institute for Community Engagement and many other departments. Whether it's the latest in telemedicine services, continuing education offerings or community-based research findings, we will keep you apprised of those activities. We will also let you know about broader KU Medical Center news that may affect Kansans' health.

But this isn’t just about us – we need your help as well. We would like you to contribute items of interest in our Communities blog by submitting your thoughts. Together, we can share ideas, best practices and other information that will help us all build healthier communities.

As you read this first edition, please think of other topics that would be useful to you so we can include them in future editions. Also, let us know of any formatting or delivery issues that can be improved. You can submit suggestions to If you aren't subscribed to receive Communities, sign up today. Finally, feel free to forward this to others who may also want to be part of Communities.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this publication and that it helps us all work together for a healthy Kansas!

Ryan Spaulding, Ph.D.

Vice Chancellor, KU Meidcal Center Institute for Community Engagement


About the Institute for Community Engagement:

The Institute for Community Engagement is dedicated to working with communities to advance the health of Kansans and beyond. We collaborate with health care providers, community leaders and like-minded organizations throughout Kansas. Successful partnerships motivate us all to work harder, innovate more and grow relationships to build healthy communities.

The Institute for Community Engagement also supports engaged scholarship across KU Medical Center. Engaged scholarship is practical work with community partners beyond our walls that propel communities and academia forward. Engaged scholarship advances KU Medical Center's mission: it is a mode of teaching, a method of research, an approach to clinical care and a form of service.

The Institute facilitates further success for outreach initiatives by providing collaborative resources for relationship-building, grant and research assistance and communications support to KU Medical Center faculty, staff and students.

There are a variety of ways to work with the Institute. We look forward to partnering with you.

Learn more about the counties we serve by

  • Enhancing student education

  • Strengthening the health care workforce

  • Researching to improve health

  • Advancing health care access 

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  1. This blog will be a great addition! Can't wait to read & share.