Friday, June 3, 2016

Kansas Recruitment and Retention Center Celebrates 200th Placement

The Kansas Recruitment and Retention Center (KRRC) is proud to announce its 200th placement.
KRRC Placements by Region

Holly Gault, M.D. is heading to Pittsburg, Kansas, to join the Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas in September. Dr. Gault received her medical degree from The University of Kansas School of Medicine in Kansas City, Kansas, in May 2013. She will complete her residency with Research Family Medicine in Kansas City, Missouri, this June.

The KRRC offers services designed to assist Kansas communities in recruiting and retaining health professionals. KRRC partners with hospitals, private physician practices and community health centers to bolster health care in communities across Kansas.

KRRC recruitment specialists work one-on-one with the health care employers to develop an opportunity description, identify key characteristics of an ideal candidate, create a marketing plan to recruit candidates and offer guidance throughout the interview and hiring process. Although this program offers services to all of Kansas, a strong focus is on rural and underserved communities.

Along with assisting Kansas communities, the KRRC also provides services designed to assist health care providers throughout the job search process and provide assistance in finding the right practice opportunity.

The KRRC is a program administered by Rural Health Education and Services (RHES) and The University of Kansas Medical Center. Since 1990, RHES has provided quality, responsive services to Kansas health care organizations, health care providers, communities and statewide associations. RHES coordinates a variety of programs and initiatives across the
State to help improve access to health care in Kansas communities.

Placements at a Glance

Many placements practice in small Kansas communities:
61% - less than 20,000 residents
23% - 20,001 to 40,000 residents
16% - more than 40,000 residents

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