Thursday, April 6, 2017

Be a medical student rural preceptor

One of the biggest highlights of a student’s medical training is the time spent on a rural rotation. There are many opportunities throughout Kansas for students at all stages of medical school. To keep preceptorships available to all students, we need a large pool of physicians willing to precept.

The Office of Rural Medical Education works diligently to seek new preceptors. Luckily, becoming a preceptor is a fairly simple process! The following information is required to apply:

  • Current CV
  • Personal Email address
  • Home address

The information is then sent to the appropriate chair for review. Once an appointment is approved, the school provides several benefits:

  • Access to databases in the A.R. Dykes Library
  • Professional development instruction
  • Information regarding grants and other resources for funding
  • “UpToDate” access - if eligibility criteria are met

Physician expectations include:

  • Several student rotations each year
  • Formal assessments
  • Shadow and teach second year students
  • Provide opportunities without shadowing for third and forth year students
  • Supply housing
  • Meals are not required 

Some clinics can immediately see the benefits of a learning environment option and want to start immediately! Others prefer to try a student and then meet to see how the experience worked for everyone while looking for areas of improvement. We are willing to work with various situations.

If you would like more details, please contact the administrator of the Office of Rural Medical Education at (913)-588-8221. To apply, please visit the Rural Preceptors website.

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