About this blog

Communities is a KU Medical Center-Rural Kansas health blog and e-newsletter. Our goal is to connect the university and communities across the state to share relevant news and information. We share best practices, news, KU Medical Center services and programs, events of interest, continuing education/professional development opportunities, and more. We always welcome submissions.

About the Institute for Community Engagement

The Institute for Community Engagement supports engaged scholarship across KU Medical Center. Engaged scholarship is practical work with community partners beyond our walls that propel communities and academia forward.

Engaged scholarship advances KU Medical Center's mission: it is a mode of teaching, a method of research, an approach to clinical care and a form of service.

The Institute directs many initiatives, but it does not manage all KU Medical Center outreach activities. The Institute facilitates further success for outreach initiatives by providing collaborative resources for relationship-building, grant and research assistance, and communications support to KU Medical Center faculty, staff and students.

Visit our website to learn more about how we can work with your community.