Communities is about sharing and improving health-related communications throughout Kansas.

Do you have a good idea you think may benefit others? Did you come across information that you feel will be highly relevant to your peers? If so, we want your blog posts and/or ideas!

Who can contribute? 

We welcome contributions from current/future health care professionals/staffers/administrators, high school health cluster teachers and community leaders throughout Kansas. No writing degree required.

What we're looking for includes:
  • Posts related to patient care, outreach, education, research
  • Best practices/good ideas
  • Personal experiences in health care
  • Personal takes on published articles
  • Tips and tricks (e.g. tips on educating patients)
  • Lists (e.g. 5 things I've learned...; 7 ways to...)
  • Inspirations/reflections
What we're not looking for:
  • Press releases/ghost written articles
  • Product/book advertisements
  • Fundraising solicitations
Tips for writing awesome blog posts
  • Choose a topic that interests you; something you'd want to read.
  • Write in your style; first- and third-person articles are acceptable
  • Make it the right length - cover the topic, but don't ramble on (400-800 words medium length)
Questions? Have something to submit? Email

Hate writing but have great ideas?

We welcome tips as well! Send an email to with the 5Ws.